Putt-PuttŪ of Rome Georgia's
Go Kart Track.
OPEN Normal Hours Weather Pemitting.

Regular Pricing
1 Single Ride = $6.95 No Tax
1 Double Ride = $7.95 No Tax

Single Go Kart Riders Must be 54'' Tall, able to reach pedals, have some knowledge of driving skills.

Double Go Karts are for Adult drivers and smaller children
Young passengers must be 5-10 years of age and Drivers must be 18 years old. Both must wear their SAFETY BELTS. NO SETTING IN DRIVER'S LAP!! Driver is responsible for pasenger..


  • No Bumping into other karts (nascar rule)
  • Seatbelts and shoulder harness must be worn at all times
  • No deliberate swerving across track to block other drivers
  • Follow all verbal and posted instructions
  • Stop immediately when wrecks on tracks happen
  • Unruly patrons will be ejected immediately for the safety of others "NO REFUNDS"!!

3349 HWY 20 West of Rome GA